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PPT overview and demo

overview and demo

Safety Sales Limit Set-up and Use

Setup Instructions

Informed API Key

Setup Instructions

Intro to Webscraperapp and Set Up Process

Step 1 - How to Add your AMZN Keys to WSa

>>Click here for your Amazon Keys<<

Step 2 - How to Set Up Suppliers in WSa

Step 3 - How to add VAs to WSa

Step 4 - How to Add Items to Webscraperapp

Step 5 - How to link WSa with Informed.co

Step 6 - Setup Informed Strategy

Step 7 - What happens once Informed is all setup?

Create Account Tutorial

In this video you can learn how to create account and input needed information.

WSA Walkthrough Video

In this video you can view the overview of the System

Appeagle Integration Video

Learn how to configure your Appeagle.

Suppliers VA Tutorial


How to upload items in WSA

In this video you can learn the steps in uploading your items in WSA.

How to set up Suppliers, add VAs and Upload Items

In this video you can learn the steps in setting up suppliers tables, add VA's and uploading your items in WSA.

How to get your Amazon keys from Seller Central

Q&A Meetings

Training Video

Q&A 10-20-21


Q&A 01-19-21


Q&A 11-23-20

Holiday Sales Procedures

Q&A 09-17-20

WSa new UI and Q&A

Q&A 7-25-19

WSa Roadmap and Q&A

Q&A 4-25-19

Velo Wholesale Data flow.

Q&A 1-15-18

Q&A 2-27-18

Q&A 3-19-18

Q&A and Order Tool 4-2-18

Q&A 4-24-18

Q&A 4-27-18

Appeagle Settings

Q&A 5-10-18

VA Hiring Process

Q&A 5-24-18

Customer Service and Metrics

Q&A 6-14-18

Mindset and the Road to $100k / month

Q&A 6-21-18

Expert Panel

Q&A 7-31-18

System updates, Roadmap Suppliers and General Q&A

Q&A 11-8-18

Holiday Selling Season Prep